Nov. 15, 2019

Project Updates

The Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office is providing updates, as needed, related to construction in Dory Hill Road using Hyper-Reach, the emergency notification service for Gilpin County. To opt in and receive Dory Hill Road notifications from Gilpin County via text, please text DORY to 618-589-1337.

Dory Hill Road between State Highway 46 and the city of Black Hawk has been reopened to through traffic. We thank the community and the project stakeholders for their patience as we completed this section of this vital natural gas project.

During the week of Nov. 18, 2019, crews will work in the following areas:

  • Dory Hill Road, between the Gilpin County Line and State Highway 46. Crews will perform minor restoration activities along Dory Hill Road including one-day roadwork restoration near State Highway 46 and Dory Hill Road and on the southern end of Dory Hill heading toward the city of Black Hawk. Minor restoration activities will take place through November 2019. Through traffic will continue during these restoration activities, although temporary flagging operations may be in place as these activities occur.

Safety testing and drying of the new gas line in Dory Hill Road, State Highway 46, and State Highway 119 will begin. Additional crews and equipment, elevated noise levels and extended working hours can be expected during this process. Testing activities will be concentrated in the areas near State Highway 119 and South Beaver Creek Road, the Dory Hill Regulator Station site and on the north side of State Highway 46 west of Dory Hill Road. Traffic flaggers and traffic control measures may be in place as equipment is moved to and from the testing sites and for placing the regulator station building at the Dory Hill Regulator Station site.

Final roadway restoration efforts in Dory Hill Road will take place in spring or summer of 2020. When these efforts take place, the project team will add six inches of roadbase to Dory Hill Road when weather and moisture conditions allow. These efforts will take place in accordance with Gilpin County permit requirements. We will coordinate with Gilpin County Public Works to perform restoration efforts and communicate with the public prior to starting restoration.

Prior to this project, CDOT applied chip seal to portions of State Highway 119. Following completion of construction, the crews will work directly with CDOT to determine the course of action to repair areas where construction has affected the existing chip seal in State Highway 119. Any required chip seal repairs will be conducted in summer 2020.

Additional Construction Details

During construction, you will see construction contractors in your area regularly. Prior to natural gas line work, you may also see contractors marking existing utilities and visually exposing them by potholing roadways to verify utility line locations. Traffic control signage will also be placed along roadways in advance of construction activities.

We will have traffic control set up during construction activities. Area commuters should expect delays when navigating around the construction work areas. For your safety and the safety of the crews, please follow all posted detour signs and directions from construction personnel.

During construction, we will update this page regularly. You can also call our hotline at 833-638-9614 or email us at

Please note that construction schedules are subject to change.

Construction Overview

Construction is underway.

The following activities are anticipated to occur before and during construction:

  • Land surveying and installation of erosion control measures
  • Identifying existing utilities by locating and then visually exposing them (potholing) along the project route
  • Storing materials and equipment at project staging areas
  • Installing the natural gas line using one of the following methods:
    • Open trench with excavators
    • Open trench with rock trenchers—using a trenching machine to create a trench through solid rock.
    • Bore with horizontal directional drilling—using a bore machine to create an underground pathway that a pipe is pulled through
  • Pipeline welding
  • Backfilling trenches with soil/flowfill and repaving to match existing
  • Implementing natural gas line safety testing measures
  • Restoring sites to their preconstruction conditions, including revegetation, repaving and cleanup of former work areas

We will provide advance notification to landowners, businesses and residents near the project route prior to beginning construction.

We will take measures to reduce construction disruptions to area landowners, residents and stakeholders. Potential disruptions from construction may include:

  • Partial or complete road closures
  • Traffic delays
  • Elevated levels of noise during construction and testing of the pipeline
  • Vibration near construction sites

Once we have finished our construction, we will restore sites to their preconstruction states.

Throughout the construction process, our team will provide regular updates via email (Subscribe), on our hotline at 833-638-9614 and on this website.

If you experience any issues related to our construction, we want to hear from you. Please contact us directly at 833-638-9614 or via email at

Please note that construction schedules are subject to change due to inclement weather or other factors.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that construction may cause, and we thank you for your patience during the construction process.